NNPP Women Leader, A’isha Ahmad Kaita, Announces Her Resignation

The North-West Zonal Women Leader of the New Nigerian Peoples Party, (NNPP), Hajia A”isha Ahmed Kaita has resigned from her position.

Kaita announced her resignation at a news conference in Kano, on Tuesday.

She said her resignation from the position is voluntary but still, she retained her membership of the party.

On her reasons for resignation, Hajia A’isha Kaita said it became imperative for her to resign because since the formation of the NNPP government in Kano, her followers that supported the electoral victory of the government have not been carried along in terms of appointment or consultation.

‘’ Yesterday, I informed the national leader of NNPP and Kwankwasiyya movement, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, of my intention to step down from my position as North-West Zonal Women Leader, he asked me if there was a problem with my action but I told him I am still a member of the party but I need to step down from Zonal Women leader position”, Aisha told newsmen.

‘’I am a staunch supporter of Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso; and I was together with him in APC, PDP and now NNPP.’.

She further explained: “I was the Zonal Woman Leader of the CPC Party when we went into merger and created the present APC Party. We had a National Convention of the APC in which I re-contested again for the same position as the Zonal Woman Leader, NW, within the newly formed APC, which I won. When we merged, I met Sen. Kwankwaso, who was then contesting for the presidential seat, which he unfortunately failed to win, thereby making him decide to decamp to the PDP”.

“After which, these events precipitated me to resign from my seat as a zonal woman leader, despite the fact that I had seven elected governors within the APC in my zone. I followed Sen. Kwankwaso to the PDP due to my loyalty to his vision and cause. Having lost my official seat, I became an ordinary floor member of a party, on which platform he again re-contested for his presidential aspirations within the PDP. During this period, he saw some mishaps that inevitably caused him to lose the presidential race once again after elections were contested.

“After intense deliberations on his part, he then decided to decamp to a party that was not so popular as of that time, named the New Nigeria People’s Party, or NNPP; and of course, I naturally followed him and decamped to the new party.”

“Afterwards, we held a national convention within the NNPP, in which I contested and won the seat for the Zonal Woman Leader, North-West zone. This comes after over seven years of losing my original position within the APC and becoming an ordinary floor member throughout his movements across the PDP, up until his current move to the NNPP.

“We contested for positions in both the presidential and gubernatorial seats across the national and state levels; but we were unfortunately only able to secure and win the gubernatorial seat for the state of Kano, and we lost the majority of said positions throughout the country.

“Being a resident of Kano State, I believe I did my utmost to contribute to the emergence of the present government in Kano State. I slept for two whole consecutive days at the INEC office in Kano State in order to ensure that our hard work would be translated into a resounding success and, furthermore, lead to the delivery of our mandate. Alhamdullilah, astounding and great success has been achieved through the gruelling hard work undertaken by me and our fellow party members as a whole, and a government has emerged victorious.

“Therefore, now I believe I have given my all, and even gone the extra mile for both the NNPP party and the Kwankwasiyya movement as a whole. I feel it is now time for me to step aside and allow another person to take over, so that in doing so, she can continue from where I’ve left off”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I wish to express that I’m still a member of the NNPP party for now. If there are any further developments in my political career in the future, I shall endeavour to disseminate all relevant and important details through this same platform”, she stated.

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