“Defend Judiciary against those seeking to compromise justice” – APGA urges Nigerians

National Chairman of the All-Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Edozie Njoku, has urged Nigerians to stand by the judiciary against those intent on compromising justice and undermining its integrity.

During a press conference in Abuja yesterday, Njoku referenced a case brought to FCT High Court by one Chief Victor Oye, who alleged that he should have been remanded at Suleja prison. However, the court found Oye and the head of the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC), Mahmood Yakubu, culpable.

Despite this judgment, instead of adhering to the court’s ruling, the pair have appealed and allegedly boasted of having secured enough judges to nullify the contempt charge. “Against all odds, Nigerians must stand by the institution of the Judiciary to save it from men and women that are committed to compromising justice to ruin its integrity and sanctity”, Njoku stated.

The Chief expressed concern over the INEC’s stance, stating that such behaviour signifies an internment to competent court orders in Nigeria. “INEC led by Mahmood, simply wants to prove to the world that it has immunity, powers to pick and anoint National Chairmen for political parties, as well as powers to decide which court order to obey and which one not to obey,” Njoku noted.

He further stressed the crucial role of respecting court orders. The APGA chairman also mentioned the judgment of the Appeal Court Kano Division in Suit No: CA/KN/146/2021, which clearly stated that his position as the National Chairman of APGA was what was in contention.

He also pointed out subsequent acknowledgements of his role from Justice Ukaego Peter Mary-Odili and the Chief Justice of the Federation, which further cemented his position.

Despite these affirmations, Chief Njoku voiced his concern over the ongoing legal battle at the Appeal Court Abuja Division, urging that the court should not be burdened with a matter that has already been resolved and settled by the Supreme Court.

He promised Nigerians that under his watch, the APGA leadership would not derail or drown their hopes and aspirations. “Nigerians, it is time to stand and be counted”, he declared.

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