“Buhari met Nigeria as one, but allow bandits to rule part of country” – Sheikh Khalid

The Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque,
Sheikh Nuru Khalid, has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for his failure to tackle banditry in the country.

Addressing worshippers during his Friday sermon, the Imam said President Buhari met a united Nigeria but allowed bandits to rule part of the country.

His words: “Go and tell the president that under his government some group of people are issuing threats to local communities, demanding that they be paid some amounts of money or face attack.

“And they would gather the money and announce publicly on the BBC that they (bandits) should be paid on a specified date (to avoid attack).

“Tell the president that there is a country we pay allegiance to, and there is another country we do not know, which is governed by bandits.

“The president should either return the country as one nation — just the way he took over, or Allah will deal with him.

“This is the message. I’m saying this in an open forum, and it is live-streamed for the world to see. I take responsibility for my words, and I’m ready to face whatever consequences for preaching peace and unity of Nigeria.

“Mr. President, we don’t want to hear the reports of killing of people under your watch. We don’t want to hear reports of cowardice among our soldiers, such that they are attacked at their bases.

“We have seen a video whereby you said Nigerian soldiers had the patriotism, training, discipline to tackle all manner of criminality in the country. You said if you were elected, you will give them the required support to tackle insurgency in a short period of time”.

“Your Excellency, a promise made is a promise kept. If you lack the advisers to remind you about this, we are ready to tell you. We are praying to God to help you fulfill this promise, if really you are willing”, he stated.

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