Buhari is 76, oil price should be N76/litre, says Guru Maharaj Ji

The founder of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to review the price of petrol in Nigeria because of the hardship it is causing Nigerians.

In a statement to mark Nigeria’s 60th Independence anniversary, Maharaj Ji suggested that the age of the president should determine the pump price of petrol in the country.

“I have severally made it clear that as an oil-producing nation, the pump price of petrol should be determined by the physical age of Mr President. In other words, if Mr President is 76 Years, the pump price should be fixed at N76.00 per litre.”

President Buhari was born in 1942; he will be 78 on December 17.

Last month, the Petroleum Products Marketing Company (PPMC) adjusted the ex-depot price of fuel to N147.67. As a result of the adjustment, petrol is retailed to consumers at an average N160 per litre.

The self-proclaimed Living Perfect Master said Nigerians have good reasons to be angry having suffered gross deprivations and denials by the leaders from enjoying their natural endowments given free by the Creator.

“But then, two wrongs cannot make a right. Hence, I am appealing that organized Labour Movements must imbibe the culture of dialogue and exercise restraints in the way they go about seeking redress against social injustices meted out to Nigerians, with a view to effecting a turn around in the social conditions of the people.

“Like I have always said, dialogue remains the best option in resolving issues for guaranteed peace and progress rather than calling out Nigerians on the streets.

“On this note, I commend them for the show of maturity so far in resolving issues surrounding the hike in fuel price and electricity tariff. The tempo should be sustained till final victory is won, because any strike action this time will be counter-productive and will not augur well for state security, considering the precarious state of national economy, which is still wobbling under the yoke of COVID-19 global lockdown.

“On the other hand, the government should wake up to its constitutional responsibilities to the people by introducing more palliative measures to cushion the harsh effects brought about by the fuel price increase and electricity tariff.”

Mr Maharaj Ji further said that as part of its social responsibilities to the people, the federal government should take over the power sector from the “economic vampires” who are stalling the country’s socio-economic development through epileptic power supply and arbitrary tariffs.

On the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020, which President Buhari signed into law last August, Mr Maharaj Ji frowned at the “rabble-rousing” of some religious leaders in reaction to the president’s action.

“It has become imperative to sound this note of warning to Church leaders that they should be careful not to take undue advantage of the blind followership of their congregation to incite them to engage in acts that will destabilize social coherence, since mob action/violence has no clear boundaries and could consume anyone like wildfire once ignited,” he said.

“It will be futile on their path trying to intimidate the government because of CAMA law. The church leaders must be transparent and accountable. For those who are not comfortable with the law, they should relocate to other climes where they can do whatever they like unchecked.”


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