Yoruba Group cautions Igboho over renewed threats to Fulanis

The Yoruba Welfare Group has issued a cautionary message to activist and philanthropist, Sunday Adeyemo, widely known as Sunday Igboho, urging him to tread with caution amidst his renewed threats to Fulani residents in the South-West.

The self-styled Yoruba-nation agitator, Sunday Igboho, recently returned to Nigeria after an absence of over 30 months, having left in 2021 and subsequently being apprehended in Benin Republic on his way to Germany.

Expressing concern over Igboho’s latest statements, the Yoruba Welfare Group emphasised the importance of avoiding the ethnicisation or regionalisation of criminal activities. The group asserted that it is crucial not to exacerbate tensions by attributing crimes to specific ethnic or regional groups.

In a statement issued by the National President of YWG, Comrade AbdulHakeem Alawuje, he cautioned Sunday Igboho against escalating the situation further by targeting a particular ethnic community. Alawuje emphasized the need to address criminal acts without resorting to divisive rhetoric.

“Crimes should not be ethnicised. We caution Sunday Igboho to desist from his threat on the Fulani residents of the region,” stated Comrade AbdulHakeem Alawuje, in the released statement.

Igboho had recently reiterated his call for Fulani residents in the Southwest to vacate the region, vowing to take action if they failed to comply. However, the Yoruba Welfare Group’s caution serves as a reminder that addressing criminal issues should be done without stoking ethnic tensions.

This development comes at a time when various voices within the nation are calling for unity and a focus on building a stronger Nigeria, setting aside ethnic and regional affiliations. The YWG’s warning to Sunday Igboho underscores the importance of fostering harmony and addressing challenges collectively, without resorting to divisive approaches.

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