Only 85 LGs out of 774 are without cases of COVID-19, says PTF

Only 85 local governments spread across 20 states are yet to report any cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria, the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on the virus said on Monday.

Boss Mustapha, who is also the secretary to the Nigerian Government, said 50 per cent of all the 46,577 cases confirmed in the country so far were localised in just 20 local councils and that 60 per cent of all the cases were recorded in just five states.

South Africa is the most impacted country in Africa by the virus with more 553,188 infections and about 10,210 recorded since March when the first case of the virus was confirmed in the country.

Egypt, the first African country to record a case of coronavirus, has, at least, 95,006 and 4,630 deaths as of Saturday. Nigeria is third in terms of the number of cases of the virus confirmed.

The country is ranked fourth in terms of coronavirus fatalities with 945 deaths as of August 9.

“The watchword is vigilance and taking extra care,” Mustapha said.

“As we progress in this new phase of the eased lockdown, continual monitoring of global and national science and data remains the basis for strengthening our efforts to contain the virus.​ Key sectors that the PTF will be watching in addition to the general level of compliance are the education and transportation sectors.”

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