‘Nigeria, 65 countries now ‘off limits’ to UK travellers’ – FCDO

As the spring and summer getaway approaches, the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, (FCDO), has issued warnings  for UK tourists and holidaymakers.

The FCDO recently updated its travel advisories, designating 66 countries, including Nigeria, as unsafe for foreign travelers.

Nigeria, Angola, Thailand, and 39 other countries are on the “red list”, while 24 countries are tagged “black list destinations” that the Foreign Office advises against travel, deemed unsafe to travel.

These 66 countries, including Syria, Russia, Lebanon, and 63 others, are now off-limits to UK tourists due to safety concerns” too dangerous”, according to FCDO.

The latest additions to the FCDO list comprise Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Sudan, Lebanon, Israel, Belarus, and the Palestinian territories. These nations have been categorized as ‘red list’ or ‘black list‘ destinations by the UK Foreign Office, as confirmed by travel experts.

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