Niger Delta group petitions UN over massive corruption in NDDC

A group, the Restore Initiative has petitioned the United Nations (UN) over massive corruption in the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), while seeking for the prosecution of indicted persons involved in corrupt acts in the agency over the years.

The petition which was signed by Gloria Okolugbo national leader of the group a copy which was made available to BusinessDay, Sunday.

The group noted that it was saddened that despite the vast resources of the region which is the main sources of income for the nation, the people of the region lived in extreme poverty.

The group alleged that several officials appointed into Interim Management Commission by President Muhammadu have various cases of graft to answer and have in recent time been indicted in corrupt acts, saying that it was also an indictment on the state if actions are not taken against them.

“Over many years have been daily unfolding leading to huge concerns amongst the majority highly impoverished exploited peoples, living below poverty levels in the midst of the vast oil resources in their communities which is the source of sustenance for the entire nation.

“More worrisome to us as non-state actors is the fact that some official’s presently occupying positions in an interim management capacity of the commission have very huge cases of graft to answer and are continuously being found to misappropriate funds,” the group said.

The group further stated that despite reports several officials have continued to use fictitious means to collect contracts and carry out dubious acts in the agency resulting in the failure of the NDDC in its responsibility, stressing that it was a violation of the Niger Deltans human rights in which the UN should intervene.

“Therefore a corrupt act by one individual official could violate this state obligation for instance the rights of the ordinary Niger Deltan to housing, Education and Health care which most of these huge amounts now diverted were meant for have grossly been violated, this is the reason we bring this before you,” the group added.

The group, however, called for the rule of law to prevail in the intervention agency, individuals investigated and indicted over the years in corrupt acts should be prosecuted, stressing NDDC official like Cairo Ojougboh who in his previous position as special adviser on House of Representatives had attempted to plagiarized documents submitted to his office.

“We urged that the rule of law prevails in NDDC, and every one investigated and found culpable be made by international cooperation to refund assets and face the consequences of the years of denial and deprivation my people have suffered”.

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