“Mass protest looms if food prices keep rising” ⁠- Ex-Senate President, Ahmed Lawan

Ex Senate President, Ahmed Lawan

Former Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, has warned that widespread protests will occur if the legislative, Executive, and judicial branches do not collaborate to lower food prices and electricity tariffs.

Ex Senate President, Ahmed Lawan2

Lawan made this statement during a debate on a Motion introduced by Senator Sunday Karimi, (Kogi-West). Karimi’s Motion addressed the issue of ‘food insecurity’.

Lawan emphasised that Nigerians should not be underestimated amid the increasing economic challenges.

According to report , he said, “If we don’t take urgent actions on increased food prices and electricity tariffs, we will not like the actions we will see on the streets. We cannot take the people for granted for too long”.

Meanwhile, the Kogi-West senator stated that the cost of basic food items has increased by more than 300 percent due to the removal of the petrol subsidy.

“Insecurity in food-producing regions, bad roads, increase in the cost of transportation attributable to the removal of fuel subsidy and depreciation of the value of the naira, are possible factors that have contributed to the increase in prices of food items, household commodities.

“The greater percentage of the increase in prices of food items and consumables is not only due to these factors but to the zest of the merchants, traders, and retailers to make supernormal profits”, Senator Karimi said.

The Senate urged the appropriate government ministries and agencies to address the issue.

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio, subsequently conducted a voice vote, which approved the Motion.

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