Boko Haram top Commander, Abu Asad, eliminated in NAF airstrikes 

In a resounding victory for ‘Operation Hadin Kai’’s Air Component, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) executed a devastating air strike on a gathering of terrorists in a remote location within the Mandara Mountains killing a key terrorist figure, Abu Asad.

The precision strikes according to the NAF’s Director of Public Relations and Information Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, targeted three zinc-roofed structures nestled among numerous trees, where over 100 heavily-armed terrorists had congregated, seemingly preparing for a significant offensive or a high-level meeting.

The terrorists were observed engaging in lively discussions and moving erratically around the structures, which also housed four troop carriers. Footage from the operation revealed the catastrophic impact of the air strike, with two of the three structures and the entire fleet of troop carriers obliterated.

The aftermath also confirmed the elimination of several high-profile terrorists, including Abu Asad, a prominent figure within the Boko Haram faction led by Ali Ngulde, along with individuals such as Ibrahim Nakeeb, Mujaheed Dimtu, Mustafa Munzir, and numerous other fighters.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Hassan Abubakar, has lauded the Air Component Commander and his personnel for their exceptional performance, emphasising the need to maintain momentum and work in close coordination with the Land Component to keep the terrorists under constant pressure.

He stressed the importance of continuing to earn and uphold the trust and confidence of the Federal Government through unwavering dedication and results-driven action.

The successful air strikes mark a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to degrade the capacity of terrorist groups operating in the region, underscoring the NAF’s commitment to neutralising high-value targets and disrupting the activities of extremist organisations.

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