Boko Haram executes kidnapped Borno aid workers

Boko Haram terrorists on Wednesday slain four aid workers and a security guard abducted a month ago in Borno State.

The terrorist group publicized the development via a viral video it published on social media Wednesday.

The gunmen who carried out the killing said their victims were aid workers working for nongovernmental organisations.

 The workers were employees of the State Emergency Management Agency, Action Against Hunger, Rich International, International Rescue Committee, and a private security guard.

In the 35 seconds video, one of the insurgents, who spoke in Hausa language, said the five humanitarian workers were executed for working with the “infidels and their organizations.”

He said, “This is a strong message to those who are being used by unbelievers to convert people to infidels. Note well who are deceived. Those who are working for the organizations of disbelievers.

“You worked for them to achieve their goals but they do not care about you that is the reason when we abducted you they show no care. We are calling on you to repent and turn to God. 

“We will surely catch you in the routes you follow. If you did not desist, the results of these people will be yours too.”

Shortly after that, the video showed five armed men pointing AK47 rifles at the five workers kneeling with their faces blindfolded. 

Shots were simultaneously fired and the workers were killed.

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