2023: ‘Nigeria must stop manufacturing poverty’, Says Peter Obi

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi, has said with its abundant human and natural resources, Nigeria has no business leading the pack of the world’s poorest nation.

Obi said this while speaking to Staff and Students of the University of Abuja, yesterday.

While reeling our facts and figures to buttress his points, explained where Nigeria is currently at and where it is going to be if he is voted into office as President, come February 25, 2023.

The Labour Party candidate, was at the institution as a special guest in a TownHall meeting, organised by the University of Abuja Leadership Center.

He explained that all of Nigeria’s problems whether in the areas of the economy, education, health, or politics revolved around the failed political leadership it has been saddled with over the years.

Obi noted that leadership failures over the years, and the refusal to do the right thing at the right time was responsible for the woes in our system.

He stressed that poverty is increasing in Nigeria because being unable to invest enough in education and health, which is what makes the difference between a rich and a poor country.

Obi promised the students that under his watch, all of this will end.

The Presidential candidate also announced that he and his running mate, Sen. Datti Baba-Ahmed, are coming to halt the drift and position the country as a giant of Africa that we all profess.

The former Anambra state Governor told his audience that the next election is about them and they must seize the opportunity to take back their country by insisting that character, competence and antecedents guide their decision, not religion, tribe and region, or the ‘my turn’ syndrome, because in truth it’s the turn of the teeming Nigerian youths who are wasting.

Earlier, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. AbdulRasheed Na’Allah, explained the motive of the gathering saying that intellectual engagement is the basis of political leadership.

The Vice-Chancellor said that those aspiring to govern us must be scrutinized, made to answer questions and wondered why Nigeria is where they are if not for poor political leadership which is everything.

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