​Yoruba Elders reject agitation for Yoruba nation

Yoruba Elders

The Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE), has said it is op­posed to idea of carving out Yoru­ba nation from Nigeria.

Yoruba Elders2

The group, in a statement issued at the weekend, said it would rather commit to true federalism in Nigeria.

The statement reads: “We have perused the document on the position of YSDM on the state of the nation and their views for the Yoruba race to be separated from Nigeria. The Yoruba Coun­cil of Elders remains firm in its position that the entity called and known as Nigeria should remain as one Nigeria.

“Accordingly, the YCE has pooled-in all shades of thoughts which shows that majority of the Yoruba race feel cheated by the present lop-sided arrangement of the federating powers but they are solidly against going away from the Nigerian arrangement. They would rather go back to the agree­ment of our founding fathers when the region administration was autonomous.

“YCE, therefore, stands firm­ly on the position of the founding fathers who maintained together­ness but operated independently and contributed their quota to fos­ter administration at the centre. To this extent, we would rather have a restructured Nigeria which will allow states to function independently as part of a whole.

“YCE wants Nigeria to re­main one but, like the American arrangement, stay and function administratively devoid of in­terference by the centre. Let it be known that the strength of the unity lies in the socio-cultural inheritance of each section of the country and these can be deployed through education and efficiency of management. Our great country must rise again and we all will be in it together”.

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