This is not our agreement with Buhari – Zamfara residents lament escalation of foodstuff prices

Zamfara state residents have lamented the increase in foodstuff prices saying; “this is not our agreement with Buhari before we voted him into power in 2015.”

The rate at which prices of foodstuffs continue to escalate in the country is now attracting serious attention, while also noting that the federal government has failed to establish a well-coordinated price control agency to regulate prices of foodstuffs in the country.

Vanguard reports that an intensive investigation by its correspondent revealed that a bag of foreign rice in Zamfara state is now being sold at the price of N29,000 while the same bag is being sold at the price of N30,000 in Sokoto state.

According to a trader operating at Tudun Wada market, the market behaviour has totally changed considering the increase of foodstuffs in Zamfara state.

This is not our agreement with Buhari ― Zamfara residents lament escalation  of foodstuff prices
Tudun Wada Market, Gusau

“It is very obvious that Zamfara state is a rural state where almost everybody in the state depends entirely on the state government for survival,” she said.

Many people interviewed explained that the federal government should be blamed for what they described as lack of care for the people that voted President Muhammadu Buhari to power.

“It is clear that we are living in a decaying system where the poor get poorer and the rich get richer even when the federal government continues to make noise about the war against corruption in the country.”

According to one trader, Alhaji Ibrahim Dangata, who operates a big shop in Gusau, the situation has become so unbearable for the common man to live in his or her own country.

“We are therefore calling on the federal government to as a matter of necessity address the ugly development before all the citizens of this country would all die of hunger and starvation” “This is not our agreement with President Buhari before we voted him into power in 2015.”

According to him, no responsible government can stay and watch its citizens perish due to hunger and starvation, saying that Buhari’s administration has failed Nigerians woefully.

He explained that if our founding fathers who have been buried since would germinate from the grave and see the position of Nigeria they left behind, they would be full of surprises and disappointed with what is happening in the country they unitedly fought for.

On further survey of tomato, yam, onions market, it was discovered that no one could buy them with N100; as the prices range from N300 before one could get these ingredients that can make a pot of soup.

It can also be authoritatively reported that many traders have packed up their businesses due to lack of buyers.

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