Ibadan serial killer confessed killing another woman after escape

Suspected Ibadan serial killer, Sunday Shodipe has confessed to have killed another person upon his escape from police detention.

He was accused of killing nine people in Akinyele local government area, which he was arrested, but he killed another person again.

Shodipe (19) in an interview when paraded by the Oyo State Police Command, Eleyele Ibadan explained how he and one Adedokun Yinusa, a herbalist whom they were arrested together planned his escape.

The suspected serial killer said before his escape while in custody, Yinusa blamed him for his confession to newsmen about what transpired between them.

The suspect narrated that the herbalist told him if he had kept quiet, both of them would have been freed by the court.

Shodipe said while in custody, Adedokun’s wives visited them occasionally with kolanuts and gin. He said he used to utter incantations on these items before taking them, but denied knowing what the items were meant for.

However, when the police found out, they stopped the visitors from bringing kola nuts and gin to him.

Afterwards, the herbalist began complaining that spirits would begin feasting on his blood if stopped taking the gin.

He began asking a police officer to get him a gin to no avail.

In the interview, Shodipe, said afterwards he began pleading with the police officer to allow him and his cellmates go and have their bath which he was denied. but he said the herbalist predicted that after some days he was going to agree which he did.

Shodipe said when the policeman allowed them to go for a bath, they were allowed to leave in twos as they were eight in his cell. “When it was my turn, Baba told me not to forget what he had told me.”

He said the herbalist told him there was going to be an escape opportunity and he should return to Akinyele and attack someone.

“He had told me that an opportunity would come for me to escape and that I should go to Akinyele area and attack someone; he said I should mention his name after committing the act.”

After his escape, Shodipe confessed he returned to Akinyele to kill a woman.

“After I escaped from Mokola Police cell in Ibadan, I went to do what Baba Adedokun told me to do to save myself from dying,” he said.

“I went to Moniya where I used to live and used an object to hit a woman. Blood gushed out and I recited what baba said I should always recite mentioning his name. I disappeared as usual but don’t know if the woman died.”

Shodipe said he does not possess any charm and does not know what the herbalist was using him for.

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