June 12, Kingibe ‘Traitor to Abiola’ and Democracy; Rewarding Treachery

By Gora Dauda Albehu

I am of the view that running mate to Chief MKO Abiola in the June 12 presidential election, Ambassador Babagana Kingibe smarting himself for recognition and award of one of the highest honours in this country is most unworthy of receiving the honour.

My reasons simply are that he is a traitor to democracy because when MKO and the SDP needed him most, he betrayed both. It is very possible that if he had remained true to Abiola, the SDP and Nigeria perhaps the criminal annulment of June 12 would have been defeated. He rather selfishly chose to be foreign minister in the illegality that the Abacha government was.

That singular act of treachery to my mind, ought not be rewarded in any way to put the records straight. Had Ambassador Babagana Kingibe believed in the ideals of democracy, he would have rejected the appointment of foreign minister but he easily jumped for it, I should think because of purely ethnic considerations.

Now that the ghosts of June 12 is being resurrected, the story goes that Babagana Kingibe is smarting to receive a national honour. If the Ambassador has any sense of History at all, I am of the opinion that he ought to decline the award as a measure of self punishment. This to me clearly amounts to rewarding treachery.

Ambassador Babagana Kingibe is not alone in the infamy which June 12 represents. Where is the Evil Genius, the principal architect of the June 12 annulment? I am of the opinion too that the time for him to clean the augean stable is now and if for any reason he chooses to remain silent, he should remain so until the Angels come knocking.

The Evil Genius was not alone in this grand conspiracy, there were and still are many unworthy scoundrels who keyed into and therefore gave a life to the conspiracy. This band of criminals who stole our democracy should not only seek forgiveness from this nation but they must be ready to make restitution for this grave sin against Nigeria.

June 12 was annulled simply on account of the fact, that some characters fed themselves with the trash that power was their exclusive preserve. They put forward the falsehood that they acted in the National Interest, this is the best opportunity they have to apologize to this nation.

To put the records straight, I thought that the Evil Genius and the co-conspirators should also have been sent invitations to the GREAT PARTY taking place on 12 June 2018. Such invitations would surely have triggered some introspection which could lead to repentance.

Coming face to face with MKO’s family members would rewind history and only then will they know just in case they already have not known the extent of their treachery against this nation. Should they not come clean with a confession and seek forgiveness, it will then mean that they still have no regrets for their action.

The list of invitees should include Chief Arthur Nzeribe, his kinsman Nwankwo Kanu of the Association for Better Nigeria (the rickety conveyor belt for the annulment ) and the spirit of Justice Bassey Ikpeme ( The mid-night judge). These are some of the principal dramatist personae who played various roles and thus gave the annulment a life of its own

Now that it is appearing that the long expected trip into the not too long distant past of our dirty history is just beginning, I applaud the courage of the President and government for the courage to undertake this seemingly arduous journey.

The enemies of this nation are obviously not too happy with the move to effect some measure of repairs on the structure called Nigeria. They have the right to think in whatever manner and direction but the President has a duty to put the records straight.

As part of a package, their ought to be a revisit of the murder of Dele Giwa who was blown up by a parcel bomb and the perpetrators are still walking free. It is heart warming too that the President has directed the IGP to reopen the investigation into the murders of Chief Bola Ige as well as Chief Dikibo the late PDP deputy Chairman. The manner in which the 3 murders were investigated left much to be desired.

At a point in the life of this nation, we should begin to make serious enquiry into our past suffused with injustice.

The healing processes must start now. Much more important a responsibility for the President and government is that urgent and comprehensive solution be found for the killing of innocent people in this country but particularly in Kaduna, Zamfara and Benue States.

Foreign terrorists have taking over our country, this cannot be allowed to continue because every single life is important. I am joining the Abiola family and Nigerians as a whole for this bold move to right a wrong.

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