Bugatti’s BatMobile Rules the Day at Geneva Motor Show

For great lovers of wheels , here comes one cool exciting ride from the French luxury car maker, Bugatti as they unveiled the world’s most expensive car.

The €14 million, that is about 6.6 billion naira car was showcased on Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show.

Nicknamed Batmobile for  its looks, the arrival of La Voiture Noire, or  had been teased on social media for weeks by Bugatti.

The beast of a car  boasts of six exhaust pipes, an eight-litre, W16 engine and a top speed of 261 mph. One has already been purchased but the identity of the new owner has not been disclosed, although there is speculation that it could be Ferdinand Piëch, the motoring industry tycoon whose family were founding shareholders in the Volkswagen and Porsche empire.

Mr Piëch, 81, a former chairman of Volkswagen, may have got a discount on the price tag as Bugatti is one of VW’s luxury brands. La Voiture Noire takes its design cues from one of Bugatti’s classic models, the Type 57SC Atlantic. Only four were made, between 1936 and 1938, and three survive.


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