2023: “Only ‘sinners’ can fix Nigeria, not holy men” — APC chieftain

A member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), says Nigerians cannot afford to dwell on integrity in selecting a president because the challenges facing the country require a sinner to fix.

He said this during an interview on a television programme on Tuesday.

Abayomi, a lawyer, who is the Pro-Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo State, said poverty is the main challenge facing the country, hence, citizens must consider who can create wealth and not embark on a search for a holy man.

According to him, “Only sinful men would raise the society from sin; because they understand the effect of the sin and the consequences”.

Some of the presidential candidates in the race have been marred by allegations of corruption.

Abayomi further said it will be almost impossible to get a holy man that can address the challenge of poverty facing the country.

He posited that what Nigeria needs is “a man with ancient wisdom, not necessarily a holy man.”

According to him, “Only sinful men will raise the society; because the problems of the society are the sins, and they understand the value of those sins and the effects. Only sinful men would raise society from sin, because they understand the effect of sin and the consequences, the structure of sin and how to manage them. If you are looking for holy men, you are not going to achieve a whole lot. Look at the history of the world; that is just the reality”.

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